The Digital Smile Design


A beautiful smile makes facial beauty more noticeable and increases self-esteem. also, the beautiful smile shape depends on composition, alignment, and the row of front teeth, gums and lips.

The ultimate goal in this method is to treat the smile design, patient's satisfaction, and the beauty of the face and smile of the individual.


The smile's design incorporates a series of treatments to make the smile beautiful.


Designing a digital smile in dentistry makes it possible to create a smile in the best shape, with a very low error rate, and in accordance with the patient's desire.


At digital smile designing everything is digitized and in these proses, digital programs will plant everything

The method used to design a digital smile will be provided by digital images of a person's face and smile from a wide range of angles. The images will then be displayed in the software to determine the position of the individual's smile.


According to the images that are taken from the best position of the patients, the doctor can make plans for treatment only by using those pictures.


Before the treatment started, the doctor will show the pictures to the patient's, and if the patient was not satisfied with them, the physicians can change their design to the patient's request and the treatment proses will begin with the approval of the patient.


The Benefits of Using digital Smile:


  • Possibility to see the smile pattern before starting the treatment
  • Increases patient self-confidence during treatment.
  • Each person's smile pattern is appropriate to the person's face, behavior, and personality.
  • No need for special medical equipment.
  • Patient satisfaction from their new smile


With the introduction of digital smile design technology at Dr. Mehri Ghasemi Dental Center, it is possible for applicants to see the result and quality of their smile's treatment plan before starting the treatment and see the best results with full satisfaction.

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