Digital Implantation


Implants are the best way to replace missing teeth and, they look as natural as the other teethes.


The digital implant replaces the traditional methods and implantation surgeries, compared to traditional and the old methods, the usage of advanced digital instruments and tools to increase accuracy, speed, quality, making much more beauty in the treatment, and a better perform services for patients.


In the digital implantation method, the duration of the implantation becomes very short and the entire treatment process lasts only one session in comparison to the old implant surgery approach, which requires several appointments and examinations.


In the digital implant method, we make a Surgical Guide.

By using the surgical guide, treatment became much easier and can be done as quickly as possible.


One of the required preparation for the Implantation is intraoral scan.


At first, intraoral scanners will scan the patient's jaw and it will be simulated with special software , the implant placement and the future teeth of the patient (prosthesis) will be examined in three dimensions, and then the surgical guide will be made by three-dimensional printers which will guide the surgical site and placement of the implant Specifies.


The surgical guide is firmly fixed on the gum, teeth, and the area that should be a puncture, and making it the least amount of bone tissue to be removed.


After performing digital implantation, the patient will have the smallest amount of pain, bleeding and swelling, because of this we can say the digital method can be named, the only dental treatment without pain and bleeding compared with the traditional one. This treatment is non-stitching and does not require multiple antibiotics. In this method, the patient undergoes the least recovery.

In the Dr. Mehri Ghasemi Digital Dental Center, with the advancement of technology and providing the best service, Digital implants will be performed for patients in the shortest time possible so the patients can deliver their dental coating

On the same day that the implantation will be performed

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