What is digital dentistry?

The modern world is constantly evolving. Advancements that have replaced older traditional methods are more accurate sensitive.

The world of dentistry is also out of this category, and with the introduction of computer tools and equipment in this field, it has entered the field of technology and now is known by digital dentistry.

Today, many dental treatments are done by the digital system, including a variety of surgeries, orthodontics, implantation, smile designing, dental prosthodontics, gum cosmetic surgery by laser, etc.

With the introduction of equipment such as oral dental cameras that detect dental caries and scanning them, replacing scanned files with gypsum molds, reducing pain and bleeding, and time in treatments such as implants and all kinds of surgeries, it increases the accuracy and speed of all the dental treatments in the field of digital dentistry.

The use of digital technology in the field of dentistry brings many benefits to patients and physicians, including the following points:

  • Increasing the power and accuracy of diagnosing oral and dental diseases
  • High quality and surgical security
  • Predictable stages of treatment
  • Minimaxing the damage to the sinuses and jaw nerves
  • Fast and easy implant without extensive surgery
  • Cost-effective in terms of time and cost according to its efficiency
  • Archiving and protecting patient information’s and scans, without having to redo them again
  • Saving time and make the treatment done as fast as possible

Considering the benefits of digital dentistry, we can say the use of this technology will increase the comfort and satisfaction of patients during their treatment and reduce the after-treatment recovery complications in comparison with the traditional or the old methods.

Dr. Mehri Ghasemi’s Dental Center is the most advanced and digital dental center in the west of Tehran with the benefit of world-class technology and the use of the most advanced dental software and equipment, in line with European and American countries.

All stages of admission, examination, diagnosis, treatment, and recording of information Treatment and ... in a way that can make a diverse experience for patients in the dentistry field.

The use of the Diod Laser Device, the Oral Cameras (vistachem), and 3D Camera, 3D printers, labomed microscopes, American plasma arc’s bleaching devices, units , radiographs, and other equipment with Sirona brand and The most advanced office and clinical management software zhenic, are a glimpse of the unique facilities of this health center.

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