Cosmetic Dentistry

The set of treatments used for Tooth beauty is called cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry is a science that is integrated with art and directly related to the health and appearance of teeth.

 The beauty of teeth is very important in daily interactions and interacting and communicating with others. Teeth health and beauty encompasses a large part of the dental field, including measures to correct front teeth defects, bad pigments, closing the gap between teeth, regular and straightened teeth. Cosmetic dental treatments are mostly optional and abnormal, but with the treatment as the teeth become more beautiful, we will have healthier teeth.

Most people will remember a beautiful smile when they hear the word cosmetic dentistry. We should know that having a beautiful smile requires healthy teeth. Many people run away from laughing and refuse to show their teeth because they are embarrassed about their teeth.

 Nowadays these problems are easily treatable in cosmetic dentistry and everyone can have a beautiful smile. The most commonly used treatments in cosmetic dentistry are bleaching, lamination, implants, smile modification, orthodontics, etc. We have briefly explained each of these methods in the subject of restorative and cosmetic digital dentistry.

Dr. Mehri Ghasemi’s Digital Dentistry Center will perform all digital cosmetic and dental cosmetic treatments using the most advanced digital devices such as the CAD / CAM system, digital surgery guides, digital scans, etc... Digital cosmetic dentistry is a computer-driven device that uses predictable treatment outcomes.

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