Having dark, yellow teeth will have an adverse effect on the face. Teeth are one of the most important components of the face that there whiteness and regularity are fundamental aspects of facial beauty.

Bleaching is a method of whitening teeth that will eliminate bad pigments that can darken the teeth over time. Bleaching will be done by using special oxidizing agents that will make the teeth brighter after penetrating the enamel whiteout any harm.

The color of teeth depends on many factors, including genetics, the environment in which we live, personal hygiene, and so on.

Advances in technology in the field of dentistry and the introduction of new methods of treatment have resulted in improved quality and reduced treatment time for patients. The use of lasers in digital dentistry has been one of the most important advances in this field in recent years and has replaced many of the older methods.

One of the laser treatments is bleaching. Normally, anyone with healthy teeth can use a laser for bleaching, but if it’s been a long time since the last scaling, first the scaling must be performed, and after 1 to 2 weeks rest the laser bleaching can be done.

The benefits of laser bleaching include longer life, without pain and sensitivity, shorter duration, fewer sessions, and multiple teeth whitening.

Laser bleaching at Dr. Mehri Ghasemi’s Digital Dental Center is performed by the most advanced laser devices and the treatment process will be done in the shortest possible time for the patients.

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