About us

About Dr. Mehri Ghasemi's Digital Dentistry Center


The center aims to improvement of the services quality in order to maintain and improve the health of the well-known clients, with the goal of serving the dear fellow citizens in accordance with the standards of the day and using the best and most advanced dental materials and sterilization devices, balance with the most reputable dental centers in the world.
Some Achievements of Dental Center Dr. Mehri Ghasemi:

  • Implantation without surgery, and the tooth delivery in just one session
  • Root care by professionals with using digital devices and examination of treatment by advanced microscopy and graph.
  • Design and manufacturing a variety of laminate and digital dentures in one day without the need for molding
  • Use of a new generation of dental Laminate without any need to cut or bring in any damage to the tooth
  • Cosmetic surgery and crown length increase using only by a laser device

About Dr. Mehri Ghasemi

Dr. Mehri Ghasemi, surgeon and Cosmetic dentist, with more than 15 years of experience in this field, after graduating from the university, attending advanced and specialized courses in the design, restoration, and beauty of teeth, and successful in obtaining an implantation and orthodontic certificate from France and the Cosmetic beauty certificate from Canada.

With the advent of technology every day in the world and the need to enter digital dentistry to provide quality, precision, and high-quality services, she led the gathering of top experts in this field by launching the most advanced digital dental center in waste of Tehran.

Being equipped with the world's best equipment and experienced staff to provide the best possible dental services to Compatriots.